First Day in School

18 Jul

(early) Morning: I wake up, sweating. The heat and the nerves of the impending first day at the Centre are the culprits. I roll over and go back to sleep. The next time I wake up, I want to cling to the bed and postpone the orientation for the programme. Anyone would think that I’m a fresh undergrad about to begin my very first day at college. I’m not. I’ve had several first days, including at 3 schools, two universities and I’m still shitting bricks wondering if I’ll like my classmates (and if they’ll like me). Eesh. I need to grow up already.

Afternoon: The orientation starts late (waaahay late!) but I’m relieved that my co-students aren’t unlike other co-students in my life. We talk easily: I’m not sitting awkwardly at one corner wondering how to join in the conversation but not really wanting to. There are three smokers (so far), one of who clearly smokes because of peer pressure.

The faculty are easy and informal. Brief awkward moment: stranded by tea table with faculty member in conversation distance. Have none, so she makes an excuse and moves away. I eavesdrop on her conversation with other faculty members, including the international star. It’s an amusing story of how her beau got busted one morning by the FBI for having bought a computer game. Either Microsoft makes an exceptionally realistic flight simulator game (in which case, hello, flying schools, what are you waiting for!) or the FBI are just stoopid. The latter, you say? Yes, I thought so too. High five!

I wrap the day up by trying to canvas for more students for one of my optionals: we need three to proceed, we are at present two. I eat a flavourful vegetable stew (Rs 8!), a cheese sandwich and see the hugest lemons I’ve ever laid my eyes on hanging from a tree near the canteen.

The now: I’m back at home*, pleased with my 12ride ticket purchase that will let me escape the queue tomorrow morning. I’m also googling the authors and pieces scheduled for tomorrow’s class, so I’m not completely blank in front of the scholars.

*Home is at my grandmother’s, by default. I want to grow up and own a flat just so I can rent it out to single women and men. My broker will be trained to say ‘families and MNC employees not allowed!’


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