M for MM

19 Jul

The Now: I have horrible heartburn from, I suspect, a poisoned apple. How fairytaleish.

The Then: Today morning in the shower, I did not bathe to mournful Rabindra Sangeet. The players of Rabindra Sangeet evidently form a houseful of music lovers. My evening baths are usually to the accompaniment of people from the same householf trying to learn to sing.

I’m terrified of an MPhil. It’s been two years since I was involved in any sort of serious academics and I’m worried about whether I’ll be able to a) read the (lengthy) assigned texts b) comprehend the language of assigned texts and c) be able to grasp them enough to arrive at an original understanding. I guess that explains why I woke up at 5.30AM again, today morning.

Kolkata Metro has new AC trains! This would otherwise be joyous news if one did not know that AC = more energy consumption and impending fare rise. An example of man’s need and greed I guess…

In the English Department of my undergrad college, we referred to our Profs by their initials. With me in my AC train was MM, the Prof whose class I was on my way to attend. Thankfully, this discovery was postponed till the train spat us out at the terminus. Also, VERY thankfully, she was about 50m ahead of me. Dreading as I do out-of-context interactions with them teaching folk, I had a painful time trying to take ant-sized steps, trailing well behind her. Anyone who happened to be watching would have rightly concluded that I was following her. I still don’t know my way from the station to the Centre, so…two birds, one stone…:)

Class was brilliant. It was more of a discussion around the topic to be taken up later, but I let out a big internal sigh of relief. Let’s just say tomorrow, I will NOT be waking up at 5.30AM. Lunch was, again, superbe (ly tasteful and cheap).

I’ve grown up knowing about human mortality. I’ve even thought I’ve come to peace with it. But it isn’t until I’m in an ICU, watching daughters cry because mothers or fathers aren’t doing well, that I too get tears in my eyes and dread the day I will have to contend with my family’s.

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