The sky is pregnant with rain

2 Aug

And I am just about ready for the water to burst NOW!

Yes, dear lightning, I know you’ve been flashing for a while now, but that doesn’t do me any good unless I see moisture pouring down immediately after.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Poof, hot and humid is godawful! I soak up my handkerchief (cute little pieces of cloth that my mother practiced her cross stitch on as a school girl :)) within half an hour of setting out. Out in public, not only can strangers feel the heat radiating from my body, they are also subjected to the oh-so-pretty sight of sweat dripping off my nose, forehead, chin onto my clothes. EUGH. Not to mention the smell: of sweatsoaked clothes, hair, streets.

All the sweating gives me an unquenchable thirst: I reckon I drink upwards of four litres of water every day, and I only stop so my kidneys stop waking me up for a pee at night.


Now that Kolkata metro has transitioned from a paper ticket, turnstile kind of a place into plastic smartcards and token machines (amidst much ongoing chaos, oof!), I feel obligated to set out as a tourist and explore Kolkata. Ok, not really, but any excuse is a good excuse to do some exploring. So this Friday, I shall suffer from temporary amnesia about the growing mountain of (unread) readings on my table and set out towards Sudder Street, which is near Park Street*. Perhaps I shall stray into the nearby Ripon Street, which is famous for its weekend auctions. Perhaps I shall also loiter around the Indian Museum. It will be a good opportunity to sniff out future loitering spots. The entire Park Street area is ripe with potential.


*Park Street has apparently been rechristened Mother Teresa Sarani by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. It seems Kolkata didn’t get the memo though, because it’s still referred to as Park Street everywhere except on official letterheads, I guess 🙂

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