Learning to Breathe

3 Aug

Lately I’m realising just how much natural knowledge we lose as we move towards adulthood without an iota of realisation that there has indeed been a loss. Such as how to breathe properly.

Breathing is something that I can remember taking for granted as far back as conscious memory goes. When I think ‘health’ I think yoga, excercise, water, even meditation, but not proper breathing. It wasn’t until I starting learning Pranic Healing earlier this year that I realised how tight my breathing was. The balloon system of breathing, where your stomach and not chest inflates with inhalation and deflated with exhalation, no longer comes naturally to me. I have to consciously work my diaphragm. And I know the difference when suddenly one day, while lying down, I feel my body slip into that mode automatically and the deep sense of wellness and peace that pervades my being with it. We emphasise the importance of infants losing their ignorance and learning ‘grown up’ skills such as walking. It would be awesome if we could all emphasise the much more important skill, in my opinion, of breathing like we were meant to. Like insert it into the school curriculum or something (hey, if Chemistry and Hindi are fair game, so is breathing!).

The human breath is probably the most central aspect of our physical and spiritual selves. Yoga teaches you that, Kriya Yoga is probably based on breath control techniques, Pranic Healing teaches you that. It’s the cheapest doctor: try any of the yogic breathing excercises the next time you have a headache instead of disprin.

Suckers and Givers

On a related note: there is something about the TV and the internet that deflates me. It literally saps me of energy and the wellbeing quotient and I’m not sure why this happens. I began to suspect this earlier this year when I was watching waay too many sitcoms and serials off the internet. I experimented: I began turning on the computer to check my email and then shutting it down for the day, as opposed to leaving it open for downloads (shh!) and to ‘study’ off the net. I found that I started accomplishing more and that I had waay more energy than usual for things I used to do before the invasion of mass media in the 1990s.Such as having time.

I’ve been watching a lot of M*A*S*H lately. It’s a fairly well made serial, although it’s the most misogynistic thing I’ve ever seen, the humour is intelligent. But despite the humour, I come out of MASH sessions feeling drained and sometimes, even low. Proof is had- TV IS EVIL!

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