‘Help, help, I’m being repressed!’

3 Sep

I haven’t written an assignment since 2009, and I haven’t written a serious assignment since 2008: and that was when I was an under-graduate. Something tells me that MPhil students are expected to display more writing rigour than will be exhibited through quoting Monty Python. Or by declaring in the opening sentence how long it’s been since I’ve written an assignment. No? What’s that you say? Almost as bad as beggining a term paper with “According to wikipedia…”?*

While I mull over the deep and thoughtful ideas presented on the State, social justice and power by deep and thoughtful theorists, I shall allow Road to Avonlea to play in the background. I shall not be watching it ofcourse, good god, no. Neither shall I be facebooking nor looking up Teach for India nor fuelling my Lack Of Focus On My Future As An Earning Member Of Society.

Meanwhile, Kolkata is MEAN. It sabotages aspiring vegeratianism with delectable mutton rolls.

*This may or may not have happened. I’m not telling.


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