Road to Somewhere

5 Sep

It is 0110 hours and I’ve been sitting in front of my political science readings for seven hours now (with a one hour nap thrown in between), of which five have been spent in front of the laptop. The result? Precisely a hundred and ninety one words. Sigh. Only 1889 words to go! Whoopie.

Atleast I have identified what my ‘slant’ will be to the question. Baby steps, right?

I have been far more efficient with Road to Avonlea: Season 1 is watched (and deleted) and Season 2 is now on download.

Bad posture has been completely messing with my upper back area. To be more precise, my right shoulderblade and thereabouts. It’s strange to observe how much of brain power I lose when my back is acting up (and when I watch too much tv *guilty face*). My shoulders have troubled me since sixth grade, on and off. The only time I’ve been allowed to forget my weird shoulders actually exist was earlier this year when I did semi-regular yoga for about two months. It was like magic! That, and how yoga actually made me enjoy the freezing Delhi winter for the first time in my life (blood circulation! My long lost friend!!). Despite intentions of carrying forward good yoga behaviour to Kolkata, I’ve been less than successful. Doubting my own ability to stick to a discipline, I hunted around for nearby yoga classes. I found one, but they have a weird system where a Doctor has to examine you (for a fee!) and recommend asanas that you can then do. Me no like. Why do I have to be examined before I can do yoga?? I’m 24, have no medical problems and anyway yoga is supposed to be something that everybody can do.

So yes. Back to self-discipline and a butchered routine: I began with a handful of asanas…and insufficient suryanamaskars. Need I say more.

Anyhow. It is 0117 hrs and I’m still staring at an almost empty word document hoping the ideas will tighten up in my head and flow like water onto my assignment.


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