6 Nov

It’s been an abnormally long time since I’ve blogged. I’ve spent two chunks of the last month at home. And I might go home again end of this month during study leave. It’s my brother’s twentieth birthday and I’d really like to be there for it.

I have mixed feelings about MPhiling now (that could totally be made into a pun!:D). I love some of what I’m getting to learn. But I’m really not that keen on the cultural studies material. The first A+ was also my last- the other grades were A, A and A-. The A- was the one that I worked the least at-honestly I ought to be ashamed of the effort I put in. The last A I did not deserve, because again, there was hardly any hardwork that went into it. Most of the other assignments in the class have been way stronger than mine. The stuff that excites me the most is stuff that can be related to the world around me. So political theory has by far been the one I’m keenest on.

A bunch of assignments are lined up. I know my classmates have started working on them. Some of them, atleast one that I know for sure, are really concerned about how well they do, as well as how well they do in comparison with others. I need to get started, but my rhythm has been captured temporarily by fiction: which I haven’t read in the longest time I feel. I’n re-reading all the Potter books (three to go), read Maya Angelou’s Gather Together in My Name which left me feeling really very disturbed. I have Philip Marsden’s The Main Cages and Terry Pratchett’s Thud! from the Discworld series lined up next. Fiction is nice, but it sucks me in too much. It disrupts my discipline and routine (because I really cannot stop until I finish) and interrupts my connection with the spiritual world.

I need to shake off this stupour and get cracking on work. The deadlines look dreadfully imminent and the exams, especially with home time thrown in, more so. I’d like to do a good job on the assignments. All I expect is for me to honestly read and engage with the essays and have a viewpoint. Usually the rest takes care of itself.


~Cheers and blessings~

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