Right now

24 Nov

I’m questioning a lot of things. When I gave my interview and was waiting to get in, I prayed that the result reflect God’s will. I prayed that the only factor to determine whether or not I got in be whether or not it would take me further on my spiritual journey.

I got in. So why do I feel that I’m at a terrrible, terrible low spiritually? I was led to some invaluable divine guidance earlier this year. But I haven’t acted on that consistently in Kolkata, and the further along that term has progressed, the more I feel myself getting distanced from the spirit-enhancing habits I was beginning to incorporate in my life earlier.

Why am I here? What is the purpose of stint in Kolkata Lord? I never doubt that you have put me here for a reason. I need to be guided to understand.

I am in full faith, with full thanks.


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