Tea love

11 Dec

I drank four cups of tea today. Twinnings English Breakfast Tea (love), Twinnings Assam Tea (like, but not as much as the Breakfast Tea), Twinnings Green Tea (like) and some Tetley blend (so-so). My love for tea is new: I’m used to only an occassional coffee and tea; usually in social situations, never because I want a cup. Tea in its native form, unblemished by milk and sugar, is heavenly beverage: the arome, the subtle taste, the warmth. My mum brews my current favourite blend: Lopchu and Red Label. Yum spice yum.

I’m back in Kolkata. Missed the morning flight because it was overbooked. Caught the next one, thanks to Divine grace (I happened to be carrying an extra ticket: without that I would have been screwed). Got some reading done during the wait and the flight. Taking a mini break to email, read a couple of blogs (Alia Gee’s blog, Smiles and Trials and Lucy and I). How did I start reading mommy blogs? It started with an eggless pancake recipe search that took me to Lucy and I. And then I read people she linked and people they linked and boom. I now follow more mommy blogs than I care to admit publicly. Kids make good reading material.

I’m off to study. Prayers and love to the victims of the horrifying AMRI Hospital fire. The toll is 93 now 😦



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