Commencing countdown

12 Dec

One down, three to go. And that’s all I’m saying before I get to work.

It wasn’t a good exam, but it could have been worse. I might have changed one question in order to be able to answer it, but I might have needed to change two. And two hours is really too little time to write two answers, so I won’t feel bad about botching even answers I know well enough.

I returned at 2.30PM, intended to sleep for an hour and wake up rested enough to study. Sleep has been hard to come last night and during naptime. One hour stretched to two dissatisfied ones before I finally gave up, brewed a cup of tea (well, soaked a forgettable Tetley Ginger Teabag in hot water anyway. Tetley, I’m giving up on you as a brand), ate some roasted almonds, and wasted-now-two and a half hours emailing, facebook checking and fanfic reading. I’m afraid I have to innovate on my approach to prepare for tomorrow. I have lesser hours than I had for today’s exam prep.

My eyes still feel like they’ve been spelled into eternal awake.

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