I LOVE Political Theory and TWO DOWN!

13 Dec

Halfway through the exams, now. I quite enjoyed the paper in the end. The first answer was waaay fun to write but I screwed up the second one because I used up too much of my quota of enthusiasm and time for the first one. In exams it seems both come rationed.

I also really enjoyed preparing for the paper. Ok, wait I should qualify that: after I finally got down to preparing, I enjoyed myself because I was really engaging with the texts and discovering new things and ideas again. The only thing is, I started preparing at 5.30AM today because last night I was feeling feverish and burnt eyed and zombie like. I was staring at one section of essays, completely lost track of time and at 10PM realised I wasn’t taking in anything. So I sent up several prayers and went to bed, hoping the sleep would let the body heal on its own as I did not have fever meds with me. I set the alarm for 4AM but finally got out of bed 5.30, and I actually felt healthy and alert.

I’ve again been on a compulsive tea drinking spree, having six cups in the morning and three bananas abd dry fruits for breakfast. I’m back home now and felt the craving for more tea, but then had a brainwave, tried hot water and saw it satisfies just as much. I really don’t want to turn into an addict, tea or not.

I have a lot of preparing to do for tomorrow, so I better get started.

Oh, I got a grade back today. A- which is GOOD because I was expecting a C. The Prof. has been very generous and I intend to thank him when I go to get his feedback on Friday.


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