Ha! Free!

15 Dec

I’m done with exams, wheee! It wasn’t half bad; same pattern: good first answer, blah second one. I also got two more grades today and I actually did WELL! Well, I could have knocked me down with a feather! Evidently when I’m morose and despondent, I have no sense of perspective (as can be revealed in the massive gap between what I expected to get in my assignments and what I actually got).  I’m never going to seriously think about quitting again.

Post exam, we chucked the Olly Pub plan and went to a friend’s house to chill. Alcohol was had. A friend didn’t react very well with the unfortunate mixing; my first experience with someone who can truly be considered drunk. It was a little sad. I had a bottle of beer. I like beer. And I don’t get high. But I drank it too quickly and on an empty stomach (increased mental activity gets you hungry almost like physical activity) so I was a little buzzed. In that state I tried a little pranic healing (secretly in the bathroom) on the friend who was having a hard time. But alcohol and pranic really don’t mix.

I’m going to read some fanfic now and then turn in. I’m going to be off even beer for a long while yet.


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