One long day

19 Dec

Walk much? I love walking. I love the sense of self-propelled motion, the slight ache in the legs that comes with a brisk pace and the feeling that your feet can really take you places. Living in a city, I forget that sometimes. Earlier this year, while I was still working, we went to Rajasthan for a project and as a part of that walked 25kms one day, 10 the next and another 10-15 the day after. Who knew us city-slickers could do that?

I’m pleasantly tired. Spent the whole day at a friends, for some more classmate bonding. Talk, inevitably, went to personal lives. I don’t do good with sharing personal tales. Explaining my philosophy for existance, even when the listeners are genuinely curious. That always leaves me feeling a little wrong footed. I feel the need to turn inwards today. Very much so.


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