Airport, Home, Airport, Home…

20 Dec

I am lucky. I love being able to go home as frequently as I want to. What to do. I need my family’s company. We’re good friends.

The scratchy throat has mercifully decided it was just having a joke. Mind you, my earlier stupidity means I will be stepping into freezing Delhi in half sleeves with a hoodie and a waistcoast. Hee. The parents have been warned to bring wool and warmth. Or they will have to scrape my icicle-ised person off the pavement outside the station.

My plans for the next couple of weeks: Yoga, atleast for ten days. Wayanad, friends, Bangalore, traveltravelbusbus (HEE :D) for five. Then Delhi, Sunday Bookmarket at Daryaganj, nankhatai at the OTHER Chandni Chowk, Christmas party with my favourite uncle and cousins. Love and gossip with friends: school friend, college friends, ex-colleagues. Parents’ anniversary. The bottle of Champagne from the Union Square Farmers’ Market (now a year old). Hm, I’m getting too fond of alcohol, aren’t I? 😀

I’m really, really looking forward to this.

Have a good Christmas, dear kind people who have read my blog. May the new year bring cheer, faith and love for us all.

With love,

The student in Kolkata



2 Responses to “Airport, Home, Airport, Home…”

  1. JM Randolph December 26, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family.

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