Whup whup whup! 2012!

10 Jan


Whuzzup, Romans! I’m back in Kolkata for Sem 2. And now, for a Week That Was.

This is me.

And this is where I was on New Year’s Eve.

Trekking up Chembara Peak (the highest peak in Wayanad, Kerala) to this:

Yup, that is a heart shaped lake made by the Britts in the bad ol’ days. They would apparently ride up to this spot, play tennis while the ladies camped. You have to give them credit for enthusiasm and energy: trust me it’s not a completely easy trek.

And ofcourse we drank from this on our way up: pure mountain water that has traversed over medicinal mountain herbs. And insect pee, as my brother insisted on pointing out.

I didn’t do resolutions, but this year I did, the me kinds. I will:

* Not cut my hair, just like I didn’t let it grow beyond super-short last year

*Go through that awesome everybody can draw book

*Not buy clothes for 6 months

*Get rid of stuff enough so I can happily exist in a suitcase and a half.

* Oh, and send fan mail to smilieAlan Rickman smilie

Whatte hot he is. Such talent! My knees were wobbly with his Severus Snape and with Sense and Sensibility I was completely felled. I’ve been downloading and watching smilieAlan Rickman’ssmilie movies.Oh GOD what perfection smiliesmiliesmilie

  • Love Actually: I’ve seen the movie before but back then I had eyes only for Hugh Grant. Pshaw, immature me. Love Actually is defined by Mr. Rickman. How does he DO that? Steal the show whenever he’s in it?
  • Dogma: METATRON!smilie The entrance he makes, oh my goodness! “Tell a person that you’re the Metatron and they stare at you blankly. Mention something out of a Charlton Heston movie and suddenly everybody is a theology scholar.
  • Sense and Sensibility: What kind of an idiot would have picked Willoughby?? I mean, really!! (Although, I’m pissed off that Col. Brandon is partial to the flighty expressive shallow idiot types. I mean, break with the typical no? Why does the strong male have to get the weak female and the strong female the weak male? Jane Austen, I’m speaking to you, even if you didn’t realise Alan Rickman was actually Col. Brandon)
  • Snow Cake: This was my favourite. It is a most beautiful story. And Alan Rickman yet again looks like the character and not an actor playing a character.
  • Closet Land: Alan Rickman is BRILLIANT in this (as is Madeliene Stowe) even if I find the film itself a bit silly and pretentious. I mean, the man plays three people simultaneously at one point! He wears silly suspenders but oh he’s sogoodsogoodsogood!

Just HOW can one man be so hot? That mouth of his…that accent, those facial expressions. Yes, okay, I’m totally smittensmiliesmiliesmilie

So I leave you with these as I, dang it’s raining again!*, go open a window to stare at the glowy full moon while de-waxing my hair from the wax that I accidentally sprayed when I blew out the insufficiently sea-breeze scented candle. Eat your heart out, you!

*Kolkata is bloody hot. It’s winter, yo. Even Delhi did not live up to my expectations this year 😦


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