In which I use grainy pictures

11 Jan

This is what a Kolkata metro token looks like:


Black. Such gravitas, no? 🙂  The Delhi metro tokens are blue and have the Qutub Minar inscribed/engraved in them.

And since I have discovered the joys of my phone camera, let me share one more grainy photo of a West Bengal street staple- Jhal Muri. Literally translates to ‘spicy rice puffs’, but is better understood as spicy rice puff mixture. Whatever. Jhal Muri. It’s cheap, yummy and available everywhere.

Eating is a Bengali past time, a four times daily ceremony. We like our food, and we like it meat-y and fish-y and fried and spiced…we basically like it several shades of un-healthy 😀 Which is not to say that Bengali cuisine ONLY come in the stomach-bloating formulae (I’ve grown up eating the light yet flavourful kind) but, as Amitav Ghosh memorably immortalises in Shadow Lines’ Tridib, the Bengali and his/her ‘gastric’ (gasteroenteritis) have become ubiquitous.

It is only fitting then that Bengali people come up with their own magic digestive medicine, and that digestive medicine has to kick ass and beat all other available digestive meds in efficacy and, more importantly, taste! I speak, ofcourse, of the wonderful Aqua Ptychotis. You can sip it like aged wine. It’s that good. It’s made by Bengal Chemicals, people. Growing up, we would bring back bottles of that liquid to Delhi much as some Malayali friends of ours would cart back Ducks’ eggs and brooms(!) from Kerala.

These migrants, I tell you! 😉

*Goes off to imbibe some Aqua Ptychotis. Just because*


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