Let’s give clap to Stiglitz

14 Jan

HAHA. Sorry, just typing it out makes me shake with laughter. You see, when Joseph Stiglitz finished his lecture on the Occupy Wall Street Movement and The Future of the World Economy (pomp!), Prof. Amiya Bagchi, the director of the Institute of Development Studies, Kolkata while concluding the event, had a very Bengali moment. Instead of asking the audience for a round of applause, he ended up saying what I’ve heard so many Bengali people say: let’s give a clap to Prof. Stiglitz. And ofcourse I cracked up immediately because it sounded so much like he was asking the audience to give the good man an STD 😀

I hung around in Ultadanga after the talk, walking the area near the Bidhanagar station. The pavements have interesting stuff on them: second hand books, butterfly stickers, Amla and ginger, shoes and slippers, winter clothes, homemade chips and cookies. It’s an excellent place to walk around in and people watch. If places had auras, Ultadanga’s would be orange and warm. Lots of food stalls, and little lanes leading to residential areas and parks. The quiet and the bustle coexist.

Salt Lake, which hosted the Stiglitz talk at the Purbashree Auditorium, was a surprise. I expected it to be concrete jungle overcrowded with apartments yelling SUBURB but it was actually quiet and tree lined. Reminded me of the feel of Dwarka. I love Dwarka. I’d rather live there than anywhere else in Delhi. Might feel the same about Salt Lake if I ever wanted to stay here (unlikely, as of now!).

Tomorrow I’m journeying again.

Now that I have finally managed to find and buy oranges and grapes and bananas (the nice kind), I shall turn to my Political Economy reader and attempt to read and absorb.

(I’m still tripping on Alan Rickman. The last movie I saw was ‘An Awfully Big Adventure’. HOW does he manage to inject humanity into even the greyest of characters??)


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