Tanquam dissoluta!

17 Jan

We had a most brilliant class on Hobbes today! It whetted our minds and fired us up so adequately that our high spirits carried on well into lunch (Bhetki paturi was on the menu today-yum!!) and then a couple of hours beyond. This is what good teaching can do, and good teaching always comes cloaked in humility. The academia can keep its rockstars, I like the secret rockstars.

(Levi-a-than. Everytime he said that my mind went on auto-excite mode, yanked out a wand and shouted Wingardium Levi-o-sa! Two of my classmates pulled out wands at Tanquam Dissoluta)

Sarees are beautiful! I bought one today as a gift for a wedding I have to go to on Thursday and realised I would love to do this more often. Buy and gift sarees, not the wedding going part. That way I get to go into raptures over each work of art/saree and get to see someone I know wear it.

Sweeney Todd: Demin Barber of Fleet Street-watch, watch, watch! This is one of VERY few musicals on film that I loved, even if I covered my eyes at all the throat slitting scenes.

I didn’t enjoy Alan Rickman so much in Michael Collins and Nobel Son. The first has a truly amazing performance by Liam Neeson (his Love Actually co-star) and Alan R. gets insufficient screen time. Ditto for Nobel Son. Alan Rickman, whether he plays villains or nice guys (even though he hates such judgements on characters…), does a STUNNING job of portrayal-but he needs to be on the screen. He’s wasted in bit parts. He’s a star. A subtle star. Not a prop. He’s wasted as a prop.



2 Responses to “Tanquam dissoluta!”

  1. Ingmar Bergman January 15, 2013 at 11:55 pm #

    who are you?!?! bhetki paturi, tanquam dissoluta! Sweeney Todd, in case u are a girl, which i assume u are, then are you my soul-mate??
    P.S- This is not the poorest attempt to woo a girl, if i did try i would be pretty bad at that. I am a bengali, living outside for many years, had googled taquam dissoluta’s exact latin translation and ur blog popped up. so had to leave a comment.

    Just watched Midnight in Paris, wonderful movie, u must watch it if u havnt already.
    Reminder of how beautiful my old city of calcutta is, and i google and u pop up.
    If ever a Calcutta version of this movie comes out u can find my real name there, ‘A film by …..’

    (old fake email id left below, i assume u wudnt wanna get back anyway)

    • astudentinkolkata January 20, 2013 at 12:30 am #

      I’m just an MPhiler who likes Bhetki Paturi 🙂 Thanks for commenting. Feel free to browse!

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