2 Feb

If I ever have the opportunity to play santa to kids, I’m getting them construction toys and do-it-yourself craft books. As a child I loved them and my brother and I would build little electrical circuits. The craft book was my favourite for a long, long time, it was my parents’ birthday present to me, along with one of my first few Enid Blyton books. I made the lantern I know. And lots of origami. I still have it, packed away in a store for the first kid along.

The exam results were out. I did pretty okay in the papers, everything considered. Two A-, two As. An A in political theory, which I’m happy about. The cumulative score of the assignments and the exams was not so good, I’m fourth from the bottom of nine and sixth from the top. But, I don’t care about the mathematics, because if I break it down to the assignments and the exams, I did well, for myself as well as comparatively. Although it would have been nice to not be sixth from the top. <–That is the silly part of me talking.


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