Sacrificial lambs

27 Feb
  • Rope torture takes on a whole new meaning when you live in a saree for anything upwards of a handful of hours. End up in one for twenty four hours, and the petticoat will have eaten your middle for dinner while you slept in it at night.
  • Why would anyone sleep in one at night? Because Bengali weddings are two days of extreme torture (liberally interspersed with doses of medium torture) and require the bride and groom to stay awake all night after the wedding ceremony. And the loving brothers and sisters of said bride and groom are traditionally tasked to ensure that the basore raat is spent in wakefullness.
  • At the wedding, there are days of multiple meal times filled with upwards of ten dishes and countless sweets that have to be eaten.
  • There is booze (not at the actual ceremony).
  •  There are gifts exchanged.
  • There is a fish dressed as a bride.
  • Essentially, life is fun for everyone except the bride and groom.

The last three days, spent at Delhi for my cousin’s wedding, deserve a blog post in themselves. Reflections on a Bong Wedding it should be called. But I guess bullet points are better than nada, so hold and sustain, blog.

Tomorrow there is a Kolkata bandh.


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