When you aren’t expecting it…

21 Jun

…you realise you are always being guided. And sometimes, it is something as insignificant as a freshly pressed wordpost (if blogger:blogpost, then wordpress:wordpost, no?:P) that addresses just that area that you were worrying and making yourself miserable about, in your life as a research student. You thought yourself beyond hope, and that chapter closed; and suddenly, it isn’t because God is gently showing you an open door. And you think it cannot be a coincidence because it comes just a few hours after God saved your hide during a viva you were prepared to lose all your marks, dignity and self-confidence over.

The biggest comfort, and sometimes the only comfort, as you go along life is that you are never alone as long as you serve the Beloved.

If you are wondering which post set me off, it is this one.


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