The trouble with cookies, is that you have to eat them

15 Nov

I love baking desserts but the biscuit has tended to elude me. As an under-ten, I tried butter cookies on my great-Grandmother’s wonderful (and power guzzling) German-make oven. The result: nothing like the under-ten had expected. Fast-forward to adulthood: two or three attempts at baking chocolate chip cookies resulted in sad cake-like structures that had nothing of the cookie taste or structure.

I thought I had given up. But clearly, I had overestimated my ability to resist the pull of a warm, chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookie. So yesterday, I tried again, and this time I followed the recipe to the tee (‘T’?). Forget about cutting down the sugar or the oil. Let’s just have cookieee.

And what do you know? It turned out GREAT! So great, infact, that I now have to force myself to forget that two jars full of bad health lie very much within reach. The successful cookie poses the attendant problem of speedy consumption.

The cookie, finally, will be laid to rest. I will not be baking these again, but this time, because they taste too good!

I am on the lookout for ‘healthy’ cookie recipes though. Although I suspect that is an oxymoron:)  


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