Funny Friday

22 Feb

Next time you want to be treated to tea and the would-be treater refuses to oblige, do what I saw these two young men do today. Hoist her/him onto your shoulders and bodily transfer her/him to the tea stall. Ignore by-stander who may or may not comment on how this hauling process resembles a ‘hori-bol’ procession, or a (Hindu?) funeral procession (ferrying the dead body on a minimum of four shoulders).

At the Centre today, a three day international conference began on feminist theory. At the lunch table I overhear a member of the audience asking another, “So what are you working on?”

“Body and disease”, says he.

“That is SO interesting!” says she.

I’m snickering into my plate because I can only imagine students of social science getting excited about disease: the more screwed up the better! It’s a bit like those scenes in Grey’s Anatomy where Christina Yang openly celebrates the horriblest ER cases (because she gets to do them!) whereas some of the other doctors feel morally obliged to show a little restraint even though, inwardly, the more the mangling, the more the rejoicing!)

One Response to “Funny Friday”

  1. countingducks February 26, 2013 at 4:54 pm #

    Your right of course. The enthusiasm is perverse. I hadn’t thought of it like that

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