Schiiiik!….Cold Turkey

31 Mar

I’m limiting my online time, starting immediately. Which means- no blog roll, no facebook, no nothing except email, the feminist blog (and only when I have to put up someone’s post), and this blog (which I really need as an outlet). I really wish I could just go OFF THE INTERNET entirely, but given how much our lives are enmeshed with the ‘net these days, that would be overly dramatic and silly of me. After all, I get my class readings and programme announcements over email.

This is in line with what I said in my last post: I need to adjust my methods to fit my dissertation into my new timeline. I hope to have a skeleton of 3 chapters ready by end April. May, I need to flesh out the chapters and craft my final presentation. June, I need to deliver the presentation, and then spend the rest of the month writing an introduction, a conclusion and incorporating feedback into my chapters. July, the second day of it, I need to turn in a trussed and bound copy of the big D. Okay, maybe not trussed πŸ˜›

The Yoga has been quietly phenomenal, and instrumental in drawing out this decision to the f0refront of my mind. I’ve spent the past four days discovering how even when every class and every asana isn’t going perfectly (that is, perfect breathing and therefore perfect relaxation and therefore stilling the mind), it is STILL working on my body and my self.

For one thing, I was surprised to discover that my body has something like a muscle memory when it comes to yoga. It was October when I last did regular practice but my body slid into posture with more ease than back then. My breathing wasn’t as good, but my asanas were physically falling much, much better. The cherry on the cake was today. I accidentally went for an Advanced class, and was invited to stay on. I’ve only ever done the 12 basic Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre asana practice, the basic class for 90 minutes. In that, I have never managed an unassisted head stand. And in my head, I can never make the decision to move on to an advanced practice without getting that important asana in place.

‘Could’…I should say ‘could’ because the Love showed me to Advanced today, and I had the time of my life. Yes, we’re still talking about the 12 basic asanas, but it’s multiple variations of that in a two hour class. I struggled in some, but I mostly had a really good practice. A brave-and enthusiastic!- 56 year old lady was full of praises for some of the asanas that I managed, and the instructor too seemed pleased. And I have to say, I’m struggling to not feel too pleased with that. I wish they had kept the praise hidden, because I’m not entirely above enjoying it in the field of my Yoga, I discovered. And pleased with praise in Yoga?? All wrong. I have tomorrow’s basic open practice with twenty others managing the headstand to humble me thoroughly though πŸ™‚

It was the Advanced experience that really turned this round of yoga classes for me. It made me decide that I want to phase out the internet from my life. I don’t it’s really sunk into me, before, just how much of my energy is spent online. Particularly blogs: I read too many (most are blogrolled on my other blog) with too much interest, and I think that detracts from the focussing of my life energy on what I REALLY want out of my life: more meditation, more yoga, more work ground in the Love. If I’m overstimulated by the internet, I don’t have thought space and/or energy left for that, except for in sporadic spurts when the Love gently draws me in, despite myself.

I’m not content with sporadic spurts any longer. I want more, and I’m ready to radically change my daily habits for it.



2 Responses to “Schiiiik!….Cold Turkey”

  1. countingducks April 4, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    I understand your love/hate relationship with the internet, but I also enjoy your posts when you write one

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