19 Apr

I’m sitting in the library, sans internet. This is the third non-consecutive day that I’ve toted books, laptop and self to this work arrangement. It works MUCH better than the December arrangement of institutional desktop computer (with internet), books and self. I cannot be trusted with the internet, that much I have proved to myself (sigh).

I broke my resolution of the post below, though. I stuck to emails only for three days. And then I attempted to drown my desire to read blogs on the third day, till the afternoon. At which time I took a nap. And in my sleepy state realised that this regimented Yoga (for yes, I did two days of self-regulated yoga following the end of my classes), regimented net behaviour and regimented meditation sessions couldn’t work long-term. Suppressing desires is not the same as LOSING the desire (and one does not necessarily lead to the other if the method is unsubtle) and no practice is sustainable in the long run unless one takes joy in the practice. I resolved to act with joy.

So in the evening I ended my internet fast, did a delicious session of yoga where I basically did not follow the recommended Sivananda sequence and did asana after favourite asana, including the advanced ones. And I discovered that regular meditation sessions ARE possible when, instead of thinking I MUST, I think I WANT.

But remember, I’m not Pollyanna and I’m not an ant. Four days of self-styled yoga later I was forced to make a change to this routine as well. The unthinkable happened-I overdid YOGA! :S While I felt incredibly limber and TALL and my spinal column felt the loosest, and strongest it has ever felt, my lower back started announcing the arrival of a soreness that could only indicate that I was working it too much too soon even though the practice itself felt GREAT! I stopped yoga practice immediately and plan to resume only once it’s back to normal, and plan to ONLY stick to the Sivananda sequence from now on 😛

My state of mind and productivity has yo-yo-ed. That’s okay, it happens. What I’d like to continue focussing on is how to get back up after a fall, so to speak. How to reach even mindedness quicker and quicker after a loss of equilibrium. That is more valuable a learning for where I am right now, than learning to stay for longer and longer periods in Godly peace (although that would be lovely too!:) )

(Posted the morning after, from home)


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  1. countingducks April 19, 2013 at 4:43 pm #

    I love the way you think and I am tempted to try a bit of Yoga. It doesn’t look easy and always seems a bit boring, but it clearly does you good

    • astudentinkolkata April 20, 2013 at 10:31 pm #

      Do try yoga!

      Wait, let me qualify that. Do try Yoga at a centre that is really qualified to teach and that doesn’t push people or shame people into contorting their bodies into shapes that it can’t manage. Injuries happen that way.

      Yoga is easy because our bodies are naturally made to be able to move in certain directions, except that like the natural knowledge breathing, we lose it over time. So even when we are nowhere near touching our toes in the sitting or standing forward bend (the head to knee pose), for instance, it doesn’t matter, because while breathing right and deepening our posture with every breath our body still feels great 😀 I’d say the level of comfort between a full head-to-knee and an incompete head-to-knee (again, just for example) can be the same, provided we’re breathing well. Breath is key.

      I hope you have a fantastic introduction to Yoga if you chose to check it out some day 🙂

      • astudentinkolkata April 20, 2013 at 10:34 pm #

        Oh, and about the boring bit: you’ll never know unless you try 😀

        I used to cry with boredom during compulsory yoga in primary school. Never had patience for it for a long time. I only stopped finding it boring when back pain and general unfit-ness made me give it one last shot in 2010.

        Clearly I’m trying to evangelise yoga here 😀

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