Tisn’t just physical labour that creates a monstrous appetite!

23 Apr

It is always good not being around the internet when hitting a period of lull in writing. Ha!

I now have two days worth of unpublished posts sitting in MS Word.

This is hardly a post. This is just to say how very cute it is when little children introduce themselves and associate their identities with not just the class they study in but also their section. It never fails to crack me up when they answer the question of ‘which class are you in?’ with ‘IV-C’! 😀 Bless their little hearts, they have no idea as yet that the section is for intra-school administrative and infrastructural purposes only and will have absolutely no meaning to a stranger 😀

Although…hm. Just ‘class four’ will also probably have no meaning to someone in the, say, Scandinavian educational system…

(posted later in the evening. Post #1 saved on Word contains photos and photos take too long.)

One Response to “Tisn’t just physical labour that creates a monstrous appetite!”

  1. countingducks April 23, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    WEll it wasn’t meant to be a proper post but it made me smile anyway which was nice

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