Final presentation: Nailed!

6 Jun

Now just the matter of, you know, writing the third chapter, revising the second, radically revising the first, and throwing together an introduction and conclusion. πŸ˜€

That’s a lot of work still left. But it will get done. The material for the presentation looked impossible, and I had three days to do it in, of which one day was lost to fever. And the presentation and defence went pretty well, better than even December. I finally have a theory! Although at the MPhil level, we all give it names like ‘Towards a reading of XYZ’. ‘Towards’ being key. Takes us off the hook and all that πŸ˜›

We’ve also been granted a 15 day extension to the deadline for final submission, which is much appreciated! So now we turn it in mid July instead of beginning July.

I spent today sleeping and looking for entertainment in between breaks from napping. Not much was found. Drives me nuts when my need for entertainment is unamtched by availablility. Should have hopped on a tram and gone around the city, hot summer day be damned.

Back to work tomorrow! The library has been a lifesaver!




2 Responses to “Final presentation: Nailed!”

  1. countingducks June 7, 2013 at 4:06 pm #

    I’m very pleased you’ve got a time extension and you made me smile with your comments about “Towards a reading of XYZ” because that rang so many bells with me. That air of diffident certainty employed by some senior academics. Oh well. I’m quietly confident your work will do well. Try and get plenty of napping in. Its lots of fun, and free

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