Aside 17 Sep

1. Today morning as I stood in the balcony, I saw three kids in the 7-10 age group in a neighbouring housing society. One of them was holding a plastic cricket bat. Ahh, so nice, I thought to myself. Kids, cricket, life, sunshine…

And then the kid lifted the bat and starting whacking the kid in the middle, just as the third kid simultaneously starting kicking him. So much for fantasies.


2. Today is also the day of two pujas in Calcutta. Ranna Puja, which is offered to the Goddess of Snakes, apparently, and Vishwakarma puja, which is offered to the God of Engineering. Cooking a meal and feeding family plays a major role in Ranna Puja, whereas Vishwakarma puja is all about worshipping your tools and implements, and flying kites.I kinda enjoy the idea of paying obeisance to your tools of trade.

I’m not much enamoured of pujas, but it was enjoyable walking down to the Centre today while absorbing the festive spirit. All commercial and official vehicles were decked up in flowers and banana leaves-taxis, buses, rickshaws, fire brigades. There were pandals every few feet, all of them blaring music. A lot of the music I recognised from my extreme youth- they were superhits back then 😀


3. Amaltas, Cassia fistula, flowers twice a year it seems. That pleases me.

Amaltas would please anybody –> look!

We have two right outside the Centre.


4. The waiting is over. I have my viva date, the PhD is on, as is possibly a fellowship that will actually pay me to do research. The next two months I will spend in Delhi, doing awesome work. There might just be some travel thrown in towards the end.


5. I push on with the meditation.

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