Aside 16 Oct

Today, I saw a little boy combing his hair very carefully, oblivious of the hustle and bustle around him, concentrating only on making the perfect side parting. Today I also saw a family working as construction workers, re-building a road near my temporary office. The littlest baby had been given a child-sized shovel, with which he attempted to imitate his parents with much happiness (he wasn’t doing any actual work; it was just a toy). Today I also also saw a man carrying half a mannequin on his scooter, near my bus stop. A pair of porcelain white legs stuck out of his back seat looking wonderfully incongruous.

And I missed Calcutta a little less, for all the three things I saw.

I realised today that:

As a child, I talked so much that I regularly got into trouble with teachers at school, for disturbing the class.

As I grew up, I spoke less and less, and now, as an adult, I barely and rarely talk.

Today, as I saw my three sights, and realised I had to write about them, I had a minor light-bulb moment and realised that not-talking did not mean that I had become a silent person. All that chatter never went away, it just re-routed itself from my mouth to my fingers, transformed itself from sound to letters, and found a home in blogs and journals and emails.


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