Post-dated cheques.

21 Oct
I have succumbed to coffee.

Just like last time.

Let me elaborate:

Way back in 2009, when I first interned here, I did not drink tea or coffee. I never grew up with these beverages, so they never became a part of my life. They were, however, an integral part of the office life here. They would drink tea, coffee, and nimbu paani (lemonade) several times a day, for shots of energy, I guess. A few months into the six-month internship, I too started imbibing caffeine. I can’t remember now whether it was to stay awake and alert or whether as a filler, a thing to do to pass time while working. My tea and coffee drinking days came to a natural, painless end, with the end of said internship.

Two years later, I ended the drought with six cups of tea, the day before my end-sem exams for the MPhil. Without milk, without sugar, thank you very much. For the next week, I repeated the endless cups of tea and discovered that I actually loved the stuff. Green tea, herbal teas, orange pekoe, the English Breakfast blend… The only thing I would refuse to drink was anything packaged by Tetley.

Two more years later, earlier this year, I realised I was getting dependent on my morning cup of green tea with lemon and honey and my occasional cups of Kangra Herbal Tea (<–divine!). I needed my cup to feel ‘right’ and that was not great. So I decided to become a tea-teetotaler again, until I could begin to feel indifferent to tea again (I never did get fond of coffee).

In office, however, I’m stuck in an oppressive, artificial environment for a good chunk of the day. I’m not wildly busy with work. Much reflection is happening about the organisation and whether or not I see myself working here long-term anymore, which, basically, leaves me needing an energy kick post-lunch.

So, I have succumbed to coffee. A very milky, lukewarm cup that I made for myself and a colleague, who was nice enough to not rib me about it. And even as I write, I hear from another colleague that I nearly busted the coffee machine in the process, having left the empty glass pot on the switched-on machine. Oops!         


One Response to “Post-dated cheques.”

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks October 22, 2013 at 1:02 am #

    I’ve also become addicted to coffee, but its de caffeinated which makes me feel easier. I do not like to think what all that caffeine would to me: hyper-active wouldn’t cover it

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