Happy New Year? Why not? :)

1 Jan

Yesterday morning my mother overheard a conversation taking place downstairs, between the drivers and cleaners of cars owned by residents in the community I live in. Just for context: this is a gated community, which is what pretty much all middle-class housing is beginning to be in Indian cities.

One man was saying to another how tonight his employers and others of his class will be going to fancy parties, blowing up thousands of rupees, to usher in the ‘new year’. What is this New Year nonsense that these people spend so much money on, he wanted to know (money that goes to pay for revelry but never a bonus for the driver who will drive him to his party). For us, he said, it’s just another day.

So true! 1 January is just another day. There is nothing inherently ‘new’ about it, it’s an imagined transition.

The fact that 1 January is just another day and yet we choose to see it as a ritualistic shedding of the past and moving on to new things, new resolutions, renewed hope, is what has been making the idea of a New Year so magical for me for the past couple of years πŸ™‚ The fact that new beginnings can happen any day. That any day can be a new year, that every day can be a new year. Nice, no? πŸ˜€

So, Happy New Year, all πŸ™‚ May 2014 bring much joy, learning and peace to us all. May we love a little more and spread goodwill wherever we might be placed in life. And may we learn to give ourselves over to God even more, to become thirsty vessels of Divine Love πŸ™‚

I have the luxury of two New Years πŸ˜€ One is, ofcourse, 1 January. But my real new year begins on 12 January, the anniversary of my first visit to the YSS in Dakshineshwar in 2012. I am so glad it falls on a Sunday, this time. Sundays are group devotionals. I was not comfortable with them earlier. Since October 2013, however, I feel called to them, and they bless me tremendously.

For 2014, just one wish and resolution: more meditation! More God! More surrender!

Heh. That’s three!

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