Quitting Coffee and other life-style changes

6 Apr

Working in coffee shops-noisy or not- is strangely productive. I’ve only done it thrice so far and the results have been too good to ignore. It’s expensive though, compared to working from the library or home- I spend anywhere between Rs. 150-Rs.300 per visit. It’s something that perhaps needs to be worked into my budget on a weekly basis.

Checklists are so comforting. You write down what needs to be done and clear the chaos in your head. Right now I need to:

1) Figure out details related to the workshop I will be presenting at. This involves a) the paper: the additional reading and fieldwork that I would need to do in order to update my earlier work. And also b) my travel plans. If I’m getting paid to travel to Germany, I can’t not travel around a bit after the workshop, no? 🙂 So I need to decide where I want to go, book places, buy tickets, apply for the visa etc etc.

A) and B) need to happen simultaneously, so I need to get all Sherlock about it: have separate mental drawers that I open and close every day. Otherwise it will create one gigantic mess in my head, I will panic, and nothing will get done.

2) Finish the rough draft of my (PhD) proposal that I must show my supervisor tomorrow. It will not be a complete proposal, but if I wait for that, I won’t have anything to show him for months! I must remember some lessons from my MPhil. An intention of achieving ‘perfection’ and ‘completeness’ is not a good motor for the writing process, in the early stages. Comments on messy drafts help them become less messy.

3) Three is actually related to 1); I need to take a long hard look at the abstract I submitted and decide what part of it I want to discuss with my supervisor tomorrow.

Ok, back to work.


I’m posting this five-ish hours after I wrote it. Five hours is long enough time for me to know for sure, like sure sure, that coffee really isn’t my thing, even as an occasional beverage. So, I quit. This would be a less drastic change than the one I made about a month ago with regard to my food habits: I quit meat and fish and all forms of non-vegetarian food except for eggs. Reducing the number of things I’m dependent on makes my spiritual life and practice easier.






2 Responses to “Quitting Coffee and other life-style changes”

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks April 8, 2014 at 2:21 pm #

    Firstly, good luck with the PhD proposal. My daughter is in the second year of hers, so I’ve got some sense of the landscape there. As for coffee; I drink decaffeinated, which is probably worse for you, but I just pretend its better for you so I feel less guilty.

    • astudentinkolkata April 9, 2014 at 9:53 pm #

      Thank you 🙂

      Our coffee shops, the common chains, don’t do de-caff I think. I’m very curious about what de-caff coffee tastes like 😀

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