A happy Luddite

15 Nov

I do not believe Dell has made a more beautiful computer since the 2008 Inspiron 1525s. The market at that time was not as flooded with makes and makers of laptop computers as it has been in the past couple of years or so.

The 1525 beat whatever competition existed in a similar price-range hands down: it came with the core 2 duo processor when most competitors had dual core, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB hard-disk space (which seems laughable now, but matched what our home desktop had back then-so, big enough!), a touch panel above the keyboard to for volume and playback control (a very useful and frequently used addition that I no longer see very much on systems), a remote control, free earphones, four USB slots and TWO earphone jacks-yes, two, and no, the second one isn’t surplus (the design does not assume that a laptop is only used by one individual at a time!). It came with Windows Vista Home Premium (the closest competition would at best offer Vista Home.)The keyboard is excellent and because it is silver and not black-the keys have not got rubbed out in five years, despite having banged out two dissertations on it (I have no idea why black keyboards fade, but they do! They really do!). And, best of all, what clinched the deal back then-they offered the machine in several colours. Not just the clichéd black, red or pink, but a beautiful range of five or six colours in matt finish. I chose ‘Spring Green’. It is a happy colour that still brings a smile to my face when I see it, and an unusual one as it turns out. Most other 1525 users I have come across chose blacks and pinks and reds. Oh, and! The famous Dell warranty. I bought it for 5 years, and changed my CD-drive twice and was offered a complete overhaul just before my warranty lapsed: everything was changed, right from the fan to my Spring Green lid. They also sent a new motherboard, but because I’ve not had any complaints against mine, I requested to keep the original.

That long and boring paragraph is basically to say: I ❤ my spring green 1525, and plan to hang on to it and put money into reviving its problematic parts in the future. Because it still beats the current generation of computers on many fields-and besides, they don’t do spring green any more :P. We value vintage furniture, automobiles, buildings, but electronics have a fast-turnover rate which annoys me no end. A laptop is an investment and almost like an extra limb for me. It is personal, it is loved (I might even have patted it lovingly now and then). There is no good reason to chuck a functional laptop just because it is old, just as one does not exchange an aging pet for a more youthful one (!)

Also-there is no good reason for a laptop user to also possess a tablet (AND a smart phone, as is often the case). None that I can see anyway. A tablet and smart-phone coupling I can understand, or a desktop and a tablet. But a laptop and a tablet? Whai?? I kind of don’t see the point of tablets at all. The emergence of tablets, sadly, led to the death of netbooks. In my ideal world, we’d have netbooks, laptops, and desktops. And the now extinct Nokia c2 mobile series. And whilst I’m airing my Feelings about technology- I don’t like touch. Or perhaps, I mean I do not like the android interface. Touch on say, an e-reader, is fantastic! But it does not add any value for me personally on a phone or a computing device.

The End.


2 Responses to “A happy Luddite”

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks December 1, 2014 at 3:13 pm #

    I’m with you on the Tablet thing. People keep going on about them, and then Skyping or Facetiming people to show how cool they are, but I can do that on my old laptop, so why put that down, just to do the same thing on another machine. I suppose the reason is we just love been being persuaded to spend more money just to remain one of the “It” Crowd or is that the “IT Crowd !”


  1. A shoutout to the Inspiron 1525 circa 2008 | In Calcutta, a student. - February 8, 2018

    […] story. Windows has moved on, and now not one internet browser supports Vista any more. So my old spring green Inspiron 1525 (top of the line! 2008!) had to be retired ONLY because I can’t access the internet on it […]

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