31 Mar

Adults (the grown-up kind) being inspired by John Lennon’s Imagine, or Che Guevara, somehow strike me as very juvenile. I have come to associate it/them with adolescent years of political self-discovery, when the distinction between radical thought and teenage rebellion often isn’t made.

A few hours ago I was reminded of a workshop/seminar whose blurb had interested me very much last week. I had planned to read it more closely to see whether I could apply to attend it. As I sit in the airport waiting for a connecting flight, thanking free wi-fi and appreciating the virtues of the internet, I open one of the sample posters/proposals. It ends with a sentimental tribute to John Lennon/Imagine. I am suddenly a lot less enthusiastic about this workshop.

I looked at the lyrics again. Imagine, ironically, lacks imagination.

P.S- I adore swivel chairs 😀


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