The Sunday Diaries-2

20 Apr

In images, folks.

God has been such a good friend to me today. I was having a rather off-day and He stayed with me like a best friend would. And that has been the theme of the past twenty days. I had trouble meditating here for the first few days; my room felt bereft of a Godly presence. I wondered-worried-whether I’d be able to carry God in my thoughts like I do at home. But you see, I had a lesson to learn. A lesson that has been so lovingly given to me. A simple one-I’m almost embarrassed that I needed it in the first place- a lesson that God is, ahem, international. That I don’t leave God behind, when I leave India. I know that is so intellectually-but it is a whole different thing to know it at the level of self-realisation.


One of the ways that God has been making His presence known to me is through the beautiful spring here. Cherry blossoms! Did I ever know I’d see them, in real life? That they’d make my throat catch with their beauty?


Daisies, and other wild flowers, everywhere?


(Tough days in the middle of the week when playing with gem-clips gives immense relief and joy?)


Learning that those incredibly generous trees are flowering magnolias? I think the magnolias remind me most of God. The one photographed is not the best example of what I am trying to say; but magnolia blossoms capture your heart because of the way they gently open from the lowest of branches-at your level. You do not have to stretch on your toes or squint up against the sunlight to admire them. They come to you with their beauty.



The last two photographs are from the local botanical gardens. I decided to take a detour on my way downtown for my weekly groceries because, well, why not? Came across these little tunnels that led to greenhouses- which brought the Hogwarts greenhouses to mind. And-this beautiful (dead!) tree climbing up a building.

Gottingen, you are beautiful. And you broaden my heart and mind.


One Response to “The Sunday Diaries-2”

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks April 27, 2015 at 2:03 pm #

    I’ve always loved Magnolias myself, and wished they bloomed for longer than they did, but they are most beautiful when they are in flower. That last photograph of the gnarled tree up against the wall is amazing and full of thought provoking qualities. Glad you are enjoying the chance to explore Germany.

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