A belated Sunday Diary- 3

12 May

(Written in the middle of last week, un-posted because I would come back late and have no intention of opening the computer again after a whole day staring at it)

Two Sunday diaries published, two Sunday diaries missed: at this point I am evenly balanced at this new venture 🙂

The reason I missed the last two Sundays is because I was not home. I’ve been at Hannover for Sunday group meditations. The organisation whose meditation centres I frequent in India has German chapters, and Hannover has been working out very well for me. Hence, therefore, therefore.

Anyway, so there I was in Hannover, the city that gets quite the rap for not being interesting enough to visit. There is some truth to that, in that I would probably not go to Hannover if I had a limited budget and had to decide between a touristy place versus one that is not. With free train travel, though, I would probably have visited Hannover even if the meditation group had not been there.

After we were done this Sunday, one of the people there kindly offered to show me the city along with his wife, who works at the city office. And so I received a most delicious story.

Bahlsen, the biscuit makers of Leibniz (no relation to the philosopher Leibniz) are from Hannover and at their present location hangs a golden biscuit carried by two boys. Some time ago, the biscuit was ‘kidnapped’ and a ransom note left behind by-? The Cookie Monster, ofcourse. The note stated that the biscuit would be returned if and when Leibniz provided chocolate biscuits to all children of a children’s hospital in the city for one day. (Let me pause here to say- :D:D:D:D and

Oh, and PS? Go to Hannover if you can. Let me give you three reasons as to why:

1) It is really into street sculptures and you see many scattered about the city with good frequency.


                                                                                                     My personal favourite


2) It has an interesting history. During the second world war it was almost completely bombed out: only two structures were left standing-a gas tower and a church(if I recall correctly)- because those were the landmarks for the Allied pilots who made either 200 or 400 sorties to the city during the war.

If you go to the New Rathaus (the new Town Hall) you can see four models of the city over the ages. One of them shows you what it looked like when it was all bombed out. It was quite something, let me tell you that. I have never seen an entire city look so destroyed.


3) Large parts of the city can be seen on foot. And it has a big forest within it-much bigger than the Central Park in NYC. And a man-made lake with little sail-boats on it.


2 Responses to “A belated Sunday Diary- 3”

  1. Peter Wells aka Countingducks May 15, 2015 at 4:33 pm #

    Wow. That was really interesting. Another minor fact is that originally the British royal family were called “Hanoverians” and I presume the city was the principle place in their Arch-dukedom

    • astudentinkolkata May 17, 2015 at 4:23 am #

      Yes, yes it was! 🙂 The King apparently ‘ran’ both the Kingdom of Hannover and England. Except, he liked England better and never really came down to Hannover 🙂

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