Sunday Diaries-6

15 Jun

Sometimes continuity is interrupted because other things take precedence. No matter, this record shall live on!

On the 30th of May, I was going to go to Kassel. No meditation was scheduled for that weekend at Hannover, and there was one at Kassel, so I fixed with the very nice lady I had been speaking to, to meet at the Kassel Station. We were going to recognise each other in the old-fashioned way- she told me she’d be waiting outside the only book shop at the station, her age, and I told her what I’d be wearing. Easy peasy, pudding pie.

On the 29th of May, I discovered through the internet that Kassel might actually have two stations, but I was unable to figure out which one I ought to be waiting at. The logical thing to have done at this point would have been to call and confirm. But a) I had already spoken to her too many times and didn’t want to trouble her again (I’d been speaking to her since mid-April trying to find a date which would work for me to attend) and b)I had four minutes left on my phone plan and I wanted to save those for emergencies.

And yes, it happened, the foreigner/traveler moment. She and I ended up at different stations. The irony is that I had arrived 45 minutes before meeting time; had I figured out my mistake early enough, I could have made my way to Kassel-WILHELMSHOHE, which is the station through which the high-speed ICE trains pass through, instead of waiting at the Kassel HAUPTBAHNHOF at which the regional trains stop. Turns out hauptbahnhofs are not always the main stations. And that all stations have a book shop.

Follow me!

Follow me!

I love this fellow, by the way. He hangs out outside Kassel Hbf. Like so-

DSCN1053 DSCN1055It was a cloudy, overcast day, with occasional drops of drizzle.

I was unable to meet her. I used those last four minutes to call her land-line, where her husband confirmed that I was indeed at the wrong station, but there was no way to reach her for she was not carrying a cell-phone and nor did he have the address of the venue. I felt pretty awful at the thought that she must have been waiting for me and on not finding me, might have thought I had stood her up. I explained and apologised to her husband and I am sure he conveyed it to her. In the ideal world I should have also called later that evening and spoken to her myself. But I couldn’t as my minutes had run out and I could not insert a new scheme until the month had run out. And by then it just felt too late and too akin to flogging a dead horse. Oh well! Awkward Moments 100, Me-Null.

That was two weeks of missed group meditation- the previous week because of a missed train, and this one because of a mix-up. Pretty frustrating. Unwilling to just turn around and go home, I took a tram to the correct station anyway, and walked around. In the distance I saw this-

DSCN1057From prior internet research I knew the first structure up the hill to be the Schloss Wilhelmshohe and the one further up to be the Hercules Monument from which water is let down twice a week in what is said to be a spectacular show. Both points also supposedly offered fantastic views of the city. Not being a particular fan of views from heights I had no specific plan of actually going up there. So I kept walking and taking images at every traffic signal not knowing when I would turn around and go back. The feet, however, decided to walk on. It was surprisingly quiet and peaceful.

DSCN1059 DSCN1065Before I knew it, I was here.

DSCN1067Seemed a shame to not go on. That dirt path up the hill was a short cut, and those two girls in the frame took it. I, however, was inappropriately dressed to hike through mud (it was drizzling and I was in white, with shoes meant for smooth city roads) and took the longer, winding way.

DSCN1074The greens and the lakes were the perfect balm for my disappointment.

WP_20150530_17_33_27_ProA wedding had just taken place at the Schloss when I reached it.

DSCN1083Between the Schloss and Hercules lies a long, long trail.

DSCN1084DSCN1089DSCN1093On top of that tower like structure stands Mr. Hercules.

DSCN1095This is where you begin the climb towards him-

DSCN1091It was hard to believe I had covered so much ground. That long straight road behind the Schloss? I had walked that. There was still more to go-many, many steps up to him. Like before, I kept taking photographs after every flight of stairs, sure that I would turn around and go back. My knees were beginning to announce themselves! Then I saw a man with crutches make his way down, still later, an amputee. There were old people making that climb effortlessly and even a man training by running up and down those steps! So I went on. And it was worth it. Mr. Hercules went from this-

DSCN1097 A black silhouette, to this-

DSCN1108It felt good to have reached here ๐Ÿ™‚ And the view was more than just a view. Being so far above everything stills the air and calms the environment, I am now convinced. It was beautiful.

DSCN1098Sometimes it is so good that our plans fail ๐Ÿ™‚


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