23 Nov

I’m not even sure I spelt that right.

Live alone, must feed self, right? So yesterday, confronted with the question of what to do for food (answered temporarily with a pizza. Medium.), I had the brilliant idea of turning the available raw material (6 tomatoes, sweet corn, basil) into a risotto rather than going out to shop for vegetables that can be turned into a real meal. Adventurous, right? Girl doesn’t want to let her undone assignments get in the way, health health all the way…? The only thing I’d forgotten to factor in is that I’ve never even SEEN risotto being made and the only rice I had at home was the usual boiled variety and that 6 tomatoes do not a good risotto make.

Well, three meals worth is sitting in the pot now and I have to eat it. Not because I like gagging on food…

I’ve mentioned the killer mosquitoes before, right? Oh what the hell, a little repetition doesn’t hurt. So these kolkata mosquitoes are Super Mosquitoes. They are indestructible. I know because some time back, fed to the gills with red bumps all over my body, I slathered myself with a repellent, turned on the liquid All Out AND stuck a mosquito coil 30 centimeters above my head, but did it work? HELL NO!Now I’m just resigned to hearing them whine in my ear all night (all night! What stamina!) wishing I had a big ass gun to just SHOOT THEM DAMN THINGS!

Good comedy kicks me awake. Snape fanfiction makes me dreamy eyed.

I have too many assignments and I’m considering quitting my MPhil.

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